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a co-op adventure experience where you can discover unknown lands, fight monsters, and meet new friends

Update 09/20/2021

New emoji list.
Few modifications for future events added.

Update 08/14/2021

Additional fixes for skillbar icons, please let us know if problem still happens.
Castle throne chamber changes

Archdungeon Compensation Annoucement

To better recover our players from the fire incident, we plan to make up recent donations in full. Detail as follows:
We will fully make up all donations done with twelve weeks before the fire incident. We will start processing the return starting next week.
Please send us a message titled "Archdungeon Donation - Paypal" at, from the email address associated with the Paypal account that made the donation. Please specify your current account name in the message.
We will process your donation return as soon as possible.
Thank you for your continuous support,

Welcome Back

We are back!
The game will be back online starting this Saturday.
When you sign up your new account, please:
avoid repeating username and passwords from other games and services;
use relatively complex combinations of alphanumeric and special characters as your password;
When you use your new account, please:
avoid sharing your username and passwrd with anyone else;
Welcome back!

Future Plans

We have some updates regarding the current state of our server, and our next steps for Archdungeon.
We just received responses from OVH. We can now confirm that fire has done critical damage to our server, and all data were destroyed.
Please accept our deepest apoloy. We are incredibuly frustrated at OVH's negligence.
We are also developing plans to increase the fault-tolerancy of our server to avoid similar incidents in the future.
In the past few years, we have created a great community together. This is not the end of our story. We see an even brighter future ahead for our community.
Our current plan for Archdungeon is to restore our server as soon as possible. We are already testing out new servers.
We will update you as soon as possible,

Server Status Update

Hi Players:
We would like to bring you some updates regarding the recent technical incident.
On March 10th, our cloud service provider OVH epxerienced a catastrophic fire in one of its datacenter. Network connection to our server was cut off due to the fire, and we lost contact with our server at the same time.
Currently our servers remain inaccessible. Registration is also suspended.
We are unclear about the effect this event has on our server, but We have contacted OVH for more information regarding the current state of our server. We haven't received a response yet.
Archdungeon will be back as soon as possible. This is not the end.
We will remain in active communication with OVH, and we will be annoucing future plans soon.
We will keep you posted as more information becomes avilable.

Important Notice: Server Incident

 03-11-2021 is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We are working hard to restore the service.
Thank you for your patience.